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jam ended with the image of someone pissing themselves – literally. A wholly apt scene to conclude the whole series – being simultaneously unsettling, ironic, and deeply contrived. Read more

The Real John Betjeman

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Channel 4, not really feeling any responsibilities to suck up to establishment values, has always been able (especially in the Secret Lives series) to take a more ambivalent, more analytical view of old Establishment figures than the BBC tends to. Read more

Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)

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As Jeannie and Jeff drove off along the long and winding road, and Marty and Wyvern returned to the ether, we were left with the sense that Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) has come a long way since its first episode six weeks ago. Read more


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A few episodes in and more definite opinions start coalescing. Read more

When Louis Met… Jimmy

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Fellow of the Royal College of Radiology, Papal Knight and an ex-wrestler “feared in every girls school in the country”, Jimmy Savile has endeavoured to make himself likeable to people for aeons; his latest ruse was to dress up another bout of vain self-promotion as amiable participation in a piece of investigative filmmaking: When Louis Met… Jimmy. Read more


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Christopher Timothy was on This Is Your Life last week. A pleasing enough actor who will forever evoke All Creatures Great and Small the tribute was heavily slanted towards his participation in Doctors, the Corporation’s new daily weekday drama serial. Read more