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Bloody hell. Des O’Connor’s quitting Countdown!

The doctor is still in

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As David Butler and Bob McKenzie used to constantly mention, predictions are a tough business. That’s certainly my excuse for my post a month ago where I suggested ITV1′s current repeat run of Doc Martin would be inelegantly pulled from the schedules before the end. Four weeks on, not only is it still there, but the ratings are actually going up! Read more

Dragons’ Edge

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Think you recognised pop-eyed Barry plugging his “Air Oasis” on last night’s Dragons’ Den (and, by the way, I was disappointed Peter Jones didn’t chip in with “water disaster” or “it’s a big H2-no from me”)? In 1997, he was one of the three featured on The Cutting Edge documentary, “The Complainers”. Remember that one? It begat the subsequent doco, “Rogue Males”, of fake-fight-on-the-front-lawn infamy.

Beyond the Dave

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So, last year UKTV G2 became Dave, we were all a bit puzzled, but it paid dividends in terms of viewers. Today, UKTV have announced further rebrands …. Read more

Do the Hustle!

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The next series of Hustle is now filming. And cast confirmed? Read more

Wogan for the Noel slot? Deal!

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This just in: Terry Wogan’s Total Recall! Read more

Hotels, you could say, are her Forte

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Two years ago, I was extolling the virtues of Five’s The Hotel Inspector. And I’m about to do just that again.

Read more

“Tigana! Tigana! Platini! Goal!”

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I’m never sure why any preview of the BBC and ITV’s coverage of a major football tournament involves pitting the two against each other, as we’ll have to watch both to see all the matches. Indeed, in Euro 2008, for the first time in a generation, no match will be screened on both channels, with ITV1 electing not to screen the final live. Read more