Curb Your Enthusiasm

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I was never one for American sitcoms. They were always overly simplistic and aimed at the lowest common denominator, with characters reduced to a load of tics ands catchphrases so the audience could applaud wildly whenever they entered the set. That was until I saw my first episode of Seinfeld. Read more

Coronation Street

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And relax. Read more

The Luvvies – The Awards the Stars Don’t Want

Saturday, February 15, 2003 by · Comments Off 

Irony is a much abused concept in television. It’s why no self-billed “in-depth” look at showbiz ups and downs can go without interviewing Keith Harris, and why Tony Blackburn has had a complete change of public profile in the last year. Read more

The Royal

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ITV1 would really like to own Sunday night. In a way, they think they do. John Whiston, director of drama at Granada, launched a broadside at BBC drama’s Sunday night strands last year calling them “me too” programmes – supposedly copies of ITV ideas. Read more

The Last Detective

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Apparently the money ITV1 invests in programming is only recorded as having been spent once a show has been transmitted. This mildly obscure piece of accounting trivia may at first seem irrelevant, yet as The Last Detective tells us, it is only by examining and re-examining such minutiae that one is able to solve a mystery. Read more