Watching us, watching you

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Terribly sad news about the death of Jeremy Beadle. Read the TV Cream tribute here.

Farm titles

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Does anybody know the reason why the production team have introduced episode titles for Emmerdale? Is there any point in doing this for a soap, given that they are by their very nature, ephemeral? It is difficult to imagine even the most dedicated soap fan referring to individual episodes by a title. You just don’t remember individual episodes of soaps, you remember the big storylines, or the famous characters. I believe that Neighbours also does something similar these days.

Calendar countdown – slight return (again)

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It’s time once more to update OTT’s chart of the most watched programmes of the decade so far. Read more

Better than Life on Mars…

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…that’s my assessment of Ashes to Ashes after last night’s press launch. I’m fearful of embargos and the like though, so will say no more. I’m happy, I hope you’re happy too…

Quintessential inhabitants

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I like QI. I’ve watched every episode many times over. I frequent the official forums. I have had correspondence from John Lloyd. And I even got the play-at-home game on DVD at Christmas 2006, though I’ve only looked at it once. Read more

The Brink of Apocalypse

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What were you doing on 8 November 1983? Read more

Schedule reel

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ITV1 are revamping their weekend line-ups, then. With Coronation Street and Emmerdale returned to weekdays (two eps of the former on Friday nights, an hour-long edition of the latter on Tuesdays), how do the first new-look Saturday and Sunday evenings stack-up? Well… Read more


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So how do you begin looking back on a year in which television went completely evil?

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