Doctor Who

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There was a time, back when Doctor Who was on almost all year round, that all its principle cast members, including the eponymous time wizard, would go on vacation for a few episodes. Read more


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Nice of ITV1 to show Die Hard the other night, a film I never get tired of seeing (and, considering I haven’t been to a cinema since a date with Sue Cain to watch Kingpin in 1996, that’s saying something), under the Action Heroes motif. Read more

Peter misses!

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From Broadcast: “ITV1′s struggling business-reality show Tycoon has been pulled from its 9pm slot on a Tuesday night. It will return on Monday 9 July at 10pm as a 30-minute format. Tough Gig has also been pulled.”

The best bit about last night’s Tycoon…

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…Peter Jones, in the back of his limo, fist clenched in glee, declaring: “Peter scores!”

The next Millionaire, Link, Deal or no Deal?

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With the news that Who Wants to be a Millionaire? is going to be scrapped, plus Deal or No Deal having recently celebrated its 500th show, I accidentally tuned into ITV’s new daytime quiz show Goldenballs and found myself watching what may well be the next big quiz show. Read more

“It may be on a lousy channel…”

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18 months ago, I posted about how Channel 4, despite spending what seemed to be the entire GDP of a small country on The Simpsons, didn’t seem all that fussed about actually, you know, showing any new episodes. Read more

The ex-ex X Factor judge

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Here’s a turn up. Just released by ITV’s press office… Read more

“Do you want to Fruka?”

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Sadly, knee-deep in various Other Commitments [shudder!], I don’t have the time to write a properly-thought-out-with-actual-arguments-and-that review of last night’s Tycoon, but I feel I must share some thoughts about this first effort from Peter Jones’ production company… starring Peter Jones. Read more

King David

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When it comes to panel games, it doesn’t really matter as to the format or the questions – probably about 95% of the appeal is down to the participants. So nobody really cares that 8 out of 10 Cats is about opinion polls – all that matters is that Sean Lock is there being funny. Hence, BBC1′s new panel game Would I Lie to You is likely to prove enjoyable due to the masterstroke of hiring David Mitchell as a team captain. Read more


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A creature of dangerous unpredictability has returned to our screens. A person of hidden debauchery, of masked wantonness, of hitherto unexceptional virtues suddenly and dramatically revealed to possess capacity for unspeakable acts of irresponsibility. Read more

Corporate reshuffle

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Well, I’d made the assumption Peter Jones was “out” when it came to the next series of Dragons’ Den but, as per today’s press release from the Beeb, the self-styled tycoon is still on board.  Read more

Hyde bound

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It’s the press launch for Steven Moffat’s Jekyll tonight, but I shan’t be going as I’ve got a prior engagement… with my wedding anniversary. Nonetheless, I’ve ensured I’m not missing out on too much. Last December I was lucky enough to visit the production on set (they filmed at an MOD base in Chertsey, Surrey – where, at the same time, another unit was shooting Holby Blue). Read more