Coronation Street

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With Soapland’s favourite pantomime villain de jour having committed his foul, dastardly deeds it now remains to be seen whether the writers and actors of Coronation Street have the will and also the ability to maintain this much welcomed (and, to be truthful, desperately needed) rich vein of form. Read more

The Book Group

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The golden rule in our house is that you must watch an entire series before even considering condemning it. Sometimes this rule proves to be a blessing; on other occasions a damned curse. And I should have known so much better than to switch back on to The Book Group again. Read more


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Being dubbed a flop by the rest of the world, RI:SE is taking its revenge by speaking ill of it. Read more

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway

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“Messing about” has never been such a serious business. It could be said that the second series of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway is the most important programme on ITV1 at the moment. Yeah, there may be more prestigious or more expensive shows, but if this series fails, it could have huge repercussions. Read more

Coronation Street

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Death walks tall amongst the big soaps this weather. In one of them a major character gets busy dying, on the other a major character gets busy killing. What one to watch? How long do I get to answer that? Read more

Serious Jungle

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Currently being honoured with its second repeat run on terrestrial TV in as many weeks, Serious Jungle is resounding testament to the resilience and potential of reality television. Read more

Without Prejudice?

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Much – probably too much – has been written about the continuing trend for TV programmes to encourage us to make negative judgements about each other. Whilst Big Brother asks us to evict a housemate, The Weakest Link wants us to pick on the less able. But we know all this already. Read more


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It’s the fourth time out for OTT’s annual review of the year’s television, and the fourth time we’ve started proceedings by considering Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Read more