Back from extinction

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 by · 3 Comments 

ITV1 has just announced axed show Primeval has been recommissioned for a further two series. Read more

Sladen with goodness

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Sarah Jane and friends

Sarah Jane and friends

So what links The Sarah Jane Adventures to The One Show? Answer below.

As Dave Golder’s already reported on the SFX website, last night saw the press launch for series three of the excellent Doctor Who spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The opener, ‘Prisoner of the Judoon’, is most notable for Elisabeth Sladen’s truly brilliant, and slightly bonkers, performance as an evil Sarah Jane. It’s a two-parter packed with thrills and gags, although, as Dave points out in his piece, the Chandra parents do come across as superfluous to the action… but they are nicely played. Read more

Ashes edges to the end

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The final series of Ashes to Ashes has commenced filming in Bermondsey, South London. Read more

The Y Factor

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What’s Jeremy Hunt MP, Shadow Culture Secretary, discussing here? Read more

Brooker’s game

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 by · 4 Comments 

Endemol has released details about Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe. Read more

Derren’s number is up

Monday, September 7, 2009 by · 23 Comments 

Derren Brown is to predict Wednesday’s National Lottery numbers… live. Read more

The Beatles: on Record

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BBC2Prefab Sprout have just released an album written and recorded 17 years ago.
Read more