The Cube

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ITV1“The games they play are very simple – but when they play them inside the Cube… Read more


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It’s not a big thing. Not a big thing at all, but I’ve always been conscious that any ‘behind the scenes’ info regarding OTT is going to be, at best, of minimal interest to anyone.

But, today the site officially (I say officially, there’s been no Home Office ruling or anything) celebrates its 10th birthday. So, for my sake more than anyone else’s, today I write a little about what OTT is, and how it came to be.

Good luck to all who click the ‘Read the story’ link! Read more

Dead air

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Screen blight!

Screen blight!

Dominic Small is back on OTT with another researched-to-the-nth-degree feature, this time looking at how and why TV channels die.

“There was a time,” says Dominic, “in the pre-digital era that the launch of a channel was a big deal, attracting national attention and significant press coverage (Channel 4 in 1982, the Sky service on Astra in 1989, and the arrival of Channel 5 in 1997). However, the increased capacity offered on digital services has since meant that new channels have arrived on virtually a weekly basis. Not all of them, though, have stuck around…”

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The BBC story

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The BBC has released details of a new website devoted to the Corporation’s history. Read more

Derren does it forwards

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C4 has released a further trail for Derren Brown: The Events… and this time it’s forwards. Read more

Upstairs, Downstairs again?

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ITV has announced the commissioning of Downton Abbey, by Oscar-winner Julian Fellowes. Read more

Game on for Brooker

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Zeppotron has released details for the upcoming Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe. Read more

Doctor Toon

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The BBC has released the first image from the upcoming Doctor Who cartoon. Read more

POKE peek

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10 PRINT “As much as OTT is looking forward to Snytax Era Read more

Derren do

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But what is Derren doing? Read more

“It’s Neil Warnock, live from Cornwall…”

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I watched the BBC’s stab at covering the lower divisions of English football Read more

Ruth Watson checks back in

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Original Hotel Inspector Ruth Watson is returning to the hostelry trade on TV. Read more

The ESPN Doctors

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Two years ago, I wrote here about the launch of Setanta Sports. Read more