“He seems less of a self-aggrandising prick than the others”

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While we’re waiting for OTT’s review of The Apprentice to appear (and it will, that’s inevitable), Andrew “The” Collins’ has written a very nice sweary piece about last night’s episode on his blog. Read more

The Apprentice

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There are few things as off-putting as the broadsheets squealing in delight at a TV show. Read more

Saturday arcade

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Not sure why the imminent ending of Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow has become news all of a sudden, expecially when it was announced about 12 months ago. However with only a few shows left, I wonder what’s going to replace it come the autumn. Read more

Rock School

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Two teenagers scour the newspaper listings for somewhere to play host to a fledgling heavy rock group. They’re both part of the band’s management team, and hence have a shared interest in finding a suitable venue – and fast. Read more

Eleventh Hour

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Every so often, a show comes along that is so derivative, so unoriginal, it becomes almost impossible to decide exactly what it’s ripping off. Read more

Box clever

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Decent TV shows about TV have always tended to fall into one of two categories: the pithily pedantic (Open AirSee for YourselfRight to Reply) or the waspishly whimsical (Take TwoAsk AspelWindmill). A programme that tackles telly from a topical, informative and genuinely enthusiastic point of view has, it feels, never been treated as a serious proposition. Convention seems to dictate there always has to be a gimmick bolted on, be it Gloria Hunniford, video booths or “Call the Controller”. Read more

“You seem to have gone from anchor to wanker!”

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Oh yes, The Apprentice returns to BBC2 on Wednesday 22 February, hence today’s press launch, which even prompted the broadsheet writers to attend (Caitlin Moran in her dumpy boots). Read more

See pattern B in TV Times

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So the BBC and ITV have finally announced the World Cup split – the agreement on which games from the forthcoming footballing fandango will be screened on each network. Read more

“He appears every Friday night… like Urkel!”

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To be honest, I’ve never understood that joke, but I love the way Homer says it. Read more

Our survey says…

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… this is probably the most obvious title I could have used.

Anyway, Vernon Kay, who astounded everyone by proving to be really rather likeable on the ace Game Show Marathon, is hosting a five-episode celebrity version of Family Fortunes. Read more

Curb Your Enthusiam meets Frasier meets Woody Allen

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David Schneider in interview: Read more

Plinko with Pasquale

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It’s amazing to think about how much of a ratings battleground teatime has become. Read more

Scarf ace

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Monday. Monday’s are great. On Monday I spent 45 minutes with Tom Baker interviewing him for work. It was lots and lots of fun, with the grand old man of Who looking no different from when he signed my book in 1997 (or thereabouts). Read more