Front Row with ‘The Next Doctor’

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David Morrissey is on Front Row tonight. Read more

Paterson Who?

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Will it be Paterson Joseph? One Doctor Who fan site seems utterly convinced. Read more


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With Doctor Who actors past and (seemingly) future all over the first episode Read more

BBC1 and BBC2 go live online

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Today’s news confirms the BBC is the most switched on broadcaster when it comes to the web. Read more

Totally viral

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But who out of this lot will survive?

But who out of this lot will survive?

The BBC’s new take on Terry Nation’s Survivors starts this Sunday and it’s actually really good. As per Little Dorrit we’re getting a bit of scheduling madness in that it then continues on Tuesday, where it’ll stay for the rest of its run.

OTT was fortunate enough to talk to Adrian Hodges, the Primeval supremo who’s penned this revival. 

“I can very, very clearly recall watching the first episode [of the original series].” he says. “And I can remember the impact it had, and the shock that was felt by everybody who saw it. Subsequently, when I became a writer, that was the kind of thing I was always looking to create. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. That’s the way it goes.”

Read the full interview here >>

Chalk dusted off

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Craig Robins’ admirable one-man-band DVD company, Replay, is releasing a third Steven Moffat production. Read more

Gently does it (again)

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The BBC has confirmed a second series of Martin Shaw’s 1960s cop drama George Gently. Read more


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A drama that starts from the standpoint God and Satan exist is almost high concept for television. Read more

US Election Night

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“It belongs to you,” proclaimed President-Elect Obama, live in Chicago.
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Do not go gentle into that good night…
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Breakfast with David

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David Tennant’s just popped up on Breakfast. Read more