Doctor Who

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It always took a half dozen or so episodes for a new Doctor Who to comfortably pigeonhole themselves by way of a signature quirk: “the grumpy one”, “the young one” and so on. Read more

Porn Shutdown

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The porn – sorry – adult entertainment industry is now a multimillion-dollar business and has undergone an image overhaul in the last few years as it aims for mainstream appeal. Read more

Doctor Who

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It is often the case that the first part of a two-episode story is the one which is the most exciting. Read more

Doctor Who

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Four episodes in, and the ninth Doctor has shown us the present, the future and, last week, the past. In this instalment, we return to present day Earth, and the Doctor’s companion Rose is taken home. Read more

The Apprentice

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In the same way the General Election campaign is unearthing the sort of unfailingly well-scrubbed young faces who’ll dominate our political scene for the near future, so our next generation of business leaders are also currently parading their similarly spotless credentials for public view. Read more

Doctor Who

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There are moments during each episode of the new series of Doctor Who when you know the programme makers are having the time of their lives. Read more

The Quatermass Experiment

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There’s still nothing – absolutely nothing – which comes close to matching the mix of elation and wonder that surfaces in the wake of a genuine TV event. Read more

Doctor Who

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Doctor Who and popular culture have never made for good bedfellows. During the series original run, its flirtations with youth-speak (“Gordon Bennet!”) and chart music (John Smith and the Common Men, indeed) were shamefully embarrassing. Read more