Malcolm and Barbara statement

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The push for probity in broadcasting continues… Read more

Beak practice

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My mind is boggling about the upcoming CITV show, Emu (“The eponymous puppet with a penchant for pecking”, says the wonderfully written press release). It’s to hit screens in October and – get this – “is essentially ‘Emu the early years’ with a flapping fresh, young and brilliant blue Emu taking centre stage.” Better yet, Toby Hull is going to be playing a young version of his dad Rod! Read more

Not playing

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So what do I think of the Beeb’s new iPlayer service? Nothing so far, I can’t get it to work, thanks to the following error message on installation… Read more

Studio 60: Take two

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Ian Jones’ review of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is now online. But, as it happens, Steve Williams also sent in a piece, which arrived mere minutes later. Here it is… Read more

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

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“I have no reason to trust you; you work in television.” Read more


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It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about the broadcast of a new US import – but then it’s been a while since a series has been trailed by this much critical acclaim from professionals and bloggers and professional bloggers and people with access to broadband all chanting quietly, “Watch … Watch … Watch…”. Read more

New Deal

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Deal or No Deal? is back on C4 from 14 August, and – according to the press release – it’s to have a new look. Can anyone enlighten me what change this will entail? Is the crazy chair to become even crazier? Read more

Our Little Swampduck

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Coronation Street from me again, then (it remains my only TV obsession when HIGNFY isn’t on… ) and the sad news that Liz Dawn is leaving her role as Vera Duckworth after 33 years due to ill health. Read more

Suddenly I have an opinion on the BBC

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So I was called up at work by a pleasant-sounding chap from the Evening Standard, who I have to commend for making the effort to track me down. And why? Really because he wanted an opinion for “Readers’ Views” in the paper. A 200-word opinion on the BBC phone-in scandal, and a 200-word opinion by 6pm – for no money. Read more

“Your logo has a lot of blood in it”

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I thought some of you might find these of interest - the Premium Hollywood blog is running transcripts from the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in which various US television stations publicise their new shows to journalists via interview panels with the talent.  Read more

Not amused

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It’s depressing to see the BBC getting in such a twitchy, nervous state over this business with the Queen. Read more

“Kevin… fire!”

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I love Sally Webster, and I’m sure the greatly talented but hugely unnoticed Sally Whittaker is equally as loveable. The celebrations of her 40th birthday in – where else? – the Rovers Return marked a significant moment in the lifespan of one of British soap’s most consistent residents. She is one of Coronation Street‘s must-sees. Read more

Now that we’re together Nationwide

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Well, here’s the good news – we’ll only have to hear the abysmal new theme to The One Show another 249 times. Read more


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Justin’s in the back of Peter Jones’ limo. “I’m now the boss of Tycoon Towers,” he says, in that nervy lilt. “Yeah, feeling on top of the world. I’m really excited about the challenge. So, bring it on … Elizabeth’s going to be a pain in the arse, though”. Read more

School’s out forever?

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It was a regular part of the “new season” trails, that first look at the upcoming term in Grange Hill. I’ve vague memories of one with the kids mucking about on a bus, which revealed Gonch had grown up a helluva lot during the holidays. Why this reverie? Because it’s something that didn’t happen this year. Read more

Wrong Des

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During a visit to the Channel 4 website looking for more on the news that they’re launching a +1 digital version of the main channel meaning that the same episode of Deal or No Deal could be shown three times in consecutive hours on different channels (and even clash with itself if the More4+1 on Sky is taken into account). Hoping for a press release which might explain where it’s going to replace the hellishly useful timeshifted version of Film Four given that the station only has limited space on Freeview, I stumbled upon their hopelessly out of date FAQ page. Read more