Cubing the circle

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The ident-related fun continues with OTT reader Neil Golightly providing a masterclass in economics. Read more

See you CITV

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PM are reporting (I’m just listening to it now) that ITV have confirmed their decision to close Granada Kids which means they will no longer be producing new ITV children’s programmes, and have cancelled all commissioned shows from independents which includes My Parents are Aliens. Read more

Squaring the circle

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OTT reader Nick Hutchings has been on the Blog Phone, to contribute to the discussion about BBC1′s new look. Read more

Depress to impress

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It’s not often television, especially in documentary form, makes me feel humble or lucky, even though through my own reasons of health and happiness (though the fortune has yet to turn up), I know I am. But watching Stephen Fry’s two-part examination of the bipolar condition with which he and four million others live made me feel just lucky to be me, warts and all. Read more

Perfect circle

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I reckon the new BBC1 idents are absolutely smashing. Read more

You spin me right round, BBC

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The new BBC1 idents have finally been unveiled, and it looks as though they might be quite good (compared to the last set anyway). Read more

Natal attraction

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Contrast the two storylines in our main soaps right now involving the aftermath of childbirth. Read more


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Once upon a time this was the best soap on television. Once upon a time it was the only programme of its kind to successfully mix improbability and wit and come up with endlessly entertaining drama. Read more

I Smack and I’m Proud

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Are the chattering classes no longer a bunch of spankers? Or are they astute enough to recognise an ITV1 producer’s man-trap when they see one? Read more

“Shit haircuts and terrible jumpers”

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Following on from Stuart’s This Life musing, in April, Jack Davenport was promoting his role in the two-part ITV1 dramaThe Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant. Inevitably, he was asked about the reunion. At that stage, the whole notion was very much up in the air… Read more

More Miles to go

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It had been rumoured as early as last year, but now the BBC have released information about plans for a 10 year reunion episode of Amy Jenkins’ This Life - although little has been said other than the whole original cast will be returning and some plot details: Read more

Loose Women

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Despite the best efforts of the government to conceal the true casualty figures, British soldiers are struggling to cope with the ferocity of Taliban attacks in Afghanistan. Luckily, I have a cunning plan with which to undermine the fighting ability of those shock troops. Read more

Comic asides

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Just lately there appears to have been an increasing jocular nature to continuity announcements on television, particularly on BBC2. Read more

Reader, I Married Him

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One of the criticisms of the documentaries that accompanied the BBC’s Big Read event was that, in places, the autobiography of the celebrity advocates overshadowed the books they were championing. Read more

Fitz of brilliance

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“Here’s the rules,” said Robbie Coltrane to his fellow cast members, as they readied to face-off a room full of journos following the Cracker screening, “don’t say ‘fuck’ and pretend we like each other”. Read more


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Saturday mornings have always had a unique place in the history of children’s television. Read more

Primed and ready

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I moan. I moan too much on here about TV shows. So, let’s redress the balance, albeit with the usual guarded grumbles along the way. Read more

Boyz in the hood

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Last night it was the launch of BBC1′s new Robin Hood adaptation at the Curzon cinema, Mayfair. Peter Fincham did the honours… Read more

The perfect blend?

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Do you know anybody who still watches Neighbours? Read more