Lead Balloon

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History does repeat itself. It’s not that long ago I was going around raving to people about the US version of The Office. I remember reiterating that, if they could just forget about the UK version and avoid spending the whole time imagining Gervais and co delivering the lines, then they’d soon come to see what a great show it is. Read more

“Please… don’t let me be the only one!”

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Notes to Editors
The architect behind the Daleks, Terry Nation is acknowledged as one of the creators of Doctor Who. Although he wrote half of the episodes of the first series, he left at the end of that series and launched his next BBC masterpiece, Blake’s 7, about a mob of criminals on the run from the sinister Terran Federation in a stolen alien spaceship. Terry Nation died from emphysema in 1997. Read more

Holding out for Heroes

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I’m conscious that last time I mentioned it on here, I was pretty hacked off with Heroes. I’m following the second season, currently airing Monday nights in the US. Read more

“More space for new ideas”

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The Channel 4 winter launch. Held – ominously enough – in the former Tycoon Towers on the South Bank. Julian Bellamy, the network’s Head of Programmes did the honours. He began by reflecting on promises to overhaul the schedule, made back in August at the Edinburgh Festival. “This is the moment where you find out if we’ve delivered on those committments, or if they were just empty words”. Read more

All talked out

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So, ITV1 have announced the guest line-up for the last ever Parkinson. Prepare to fill in your bingo cards now: “Joining him in the studio for this final time are David Beckham, Billy Connelly [sic], Dame Judi Dench, Sir David Attenborough, Sir Michael Caine, Peter Kay, Dame Edna Everage with music by Jamie Cullum”. Read more

“I can reveal the latest news from the I’m a Celebrity… camp”

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To the Soho Hotel in London, and ITV1′s winter season launch. Taking to the mic – to no applause – Simon Shaps, now tentatively essaying a beard. He began with a few “messages” from the I’m a Celebrity… camp, revelling in the fact this was a show that required no context-setting with the assembled. Lynne Franks had suggested we “all hold hands” apparently. Read more

Absolutely hot off the press

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Just been interviewing Gordon Kennedy, who tells me this afternoon he’s going to be updating the ABsoLuTeLy (those crazy caps!) Productions website to announce the release of an Absolutely DVD box-set, collecting every episode of the show.

Good game, good game!

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Warning: Second Bruce-centric posting in a row. Read more


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From early incarnation as embarrassing great uncle to latterday guise as sassy grandmother, the status of Countdown in the Channel 4 family has always been at odds with that of the clan as a whole. Read more