Arena: Dylan in the Madhouse

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“Come gather round, people, and hear what I say, ’bout the time Bob Dylan was in a BBC play, we’d all like to see it but they threw it away, and the tape it is a-missing”. Read more

Zippy and George’s Puppet Legends

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For some reason you just don’t seem to get a decent quality of puppet on the television these days. The kind of fuzzy-felt stars in this rundown simply cannot be matched by the lacklustre ones that appear on the television all too rarely now. Read more

49 Up

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A considerable amount of glitter came out of the TV set during ITV’s birthday celebrations. Read more


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If awards were handed out for prescience, BAFTA would lob the cast and crew of Spooks the keys to their annual gong show and instruct them to switch off the lights just as soon as they were done. Read more

Sunday Past Times

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Remember when television used to look forward to the future? Now it’s all about living in the past. Read more

Election ’87

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The BBC’s exit poll from the 1992 General Election always gets slammed as the most inaccurate political prediction TV has ever made. Read more

Arena at 30

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Of all the ways to celebrate your 30th birthday, proffering viewers a couple of scanned pages from Broadcast magazine is perhaps erring a little too much on the wrong side of decency. Read more