River Deep, Mountain High

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Remember Now Get Out of That? Bernald Falk wryly commentating on two teams solving problems against the clock, and each other? Well River Deep, Mountain High is an updated version of this concept. Read more

Stand Up With Alan Davies

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Alan Davies, we are told, is the epitome of the “modern man”, and one of the most eligible men in the country. He’s certainly popular within the BBC, anyway, with Jonathan Creek an established success, a new sitcom starting next week, and this new series which follows him around on tour and lets him discuss the nature of stand up comedy. However, he also appears to be a miserable old git. Read more

This Life

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There’s some muffled, indistinct but obviously British pop music murmuring in the background – could it be Tindersticks? – and various half-empty bottles of wine resting self-consciously in the foreground. The picture is murky and flickering, as if lit entirely by scented candles, and keeps flipping erratically between long shots, close shots, and ridiculously close-up close shots. There is talk – chattering and shouting, hysterical laughter and knowing insults, whispered asides and intimate confessions. Chopped vegetables, joints, huge sofas, wooden floors, suits and ties and offices and courtrooms and endless legal-speak. At last - This Life is on the telly again. Read more

Through the Keyhole

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David Frost drawls his way through another tedious show. It appears as though he must get blasted before ambling onto the set and to be honest the viewers ought to as well. Read more