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After seeing the first episode of Hustle, it would come as no surprise to see some enterprising crook super-glued to a cash dispenser at his or her local bank, desperate to escape before the police arrive on the scene. Read more

24 Hour Quiz

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Sometimes ITV will fling out something that’s just so ITV you have to start wondering if there aren’t channel executives standing around, guffawing up their sleeves. Are we witnessing here a cleverly executed joke that’s been meticulously set-up just to make merry with popular conceptions about the third channel? Read more

About a Bar Mitzvah Boy

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Continuing to build upon its impressive reputation, BBC Scotland’s EX-S documentary team produced another lovely little gem in this, the tale of Sean Winston, a Glaswegian Bar Mitzvah boy. Read more


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At first glance, it would appear that Friends and Gimme, Gimme, Gimme make for uncomfortable bedfellows. However, no two sitcoms of recent times have received quite the same level of vitriolic abuse and bitter, undiluted contempt from critics (both amateur and professional) than these mismatched partners. Read more

Sea of Souls

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Lazily, and perhaps rather predictably labelled in certain quarters as Britain’s answer to The X Files, Sea of Souls seems in fact much more like one of those spooky old anthology series that Britain used to do so well in days gone by. Read more

Goodbye Pebble Mill

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When I think back now, it was the centre-point of a family visit to Birmingham (and is that the drabbest conceit ever with which to open a review?) Read more