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“Prime Minister, how are you?” “Fighting on, John. And your mouth?” Read more

Wendy Richard tribute programme

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The BBC will screen a tribute to the late Wendy Richard this evening. Read more

Human nurture

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The BBC has announced Being Human has been recommissioned. Read more

“Do I play woofter?”

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Last week, Kate Richardson nabbed Countdown infamy with a dodgy seven-letter word. Read more

Way down in the hole

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One of the greatest shows in the history of television is about to be repeated.

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“For the Love of Christ!”

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Callan’s off to Walford. Read more

Gimme Five USA

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States the obvious

States the obvious

Today’s the day Five rebrands its American themed channel. Formerly named Five US, it’s now called – umm – Five USA.

Okay, a perfunctory tweak at best, but it does now bring the branding into line with the rest of the Five network. To mark the occasion, Dominic Small looks back at Five’s digital fortunes thus far. Read the story »

“I know I’m right”

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Someone needs to do some serious cosmic reordering on Noel Edmonds.

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The long con

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The BBC has confirmed Hustle will return for a sixth series in 2010. Read more

Triffids sprouts a cast

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The BBC has announced its impressive cast list for The Day of the Triffids. Read more