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For a long time Paul Whitehouse has been considered to be – in his various guises – as merely Harry Enfield’s sidekick or “that bloke off The Fast Show“. Read more


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Resurrected on a whim, then killed off by expediency. What a way to go. Read more


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Much like its main character, Joey is already lost during the opening moments of the first episode simply because its a spin-off from the biggest live-action sitcom on the planet. Read more

Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet

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It seems as though former puppetmaster Gerry Anderson has had his new hi-tech version of Captain Scarlet in development ever since the original series finished its original run. Read more

Nathan Barley

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Last time the general viewing public saw Chris Morris, he was riding a bike in shorts and refusing to talk about the Brass Eye special. Read more

Five News

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Each time I happen to see Five News, Kirsty Young seems to have moved further away from the studio desk. Read more