Big Brother

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What will be the lasting memory of Big Brother 2? No overwhelming moment of high drama, no intense, carthatic confrontation or resolution – the only fireworks were those let off outside the house, which the contestants gawped at before dutifully scurrying back inside on their masters orders. Read more

Survivor: The £1m Final

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It’s been lonely out here by the water cooler this summer. Everyone else has been chattering away about Big Brother (Helen this, Paul that), the return of Sharon Watts, Coronation Street‘s internet stalker, Ricky Gervais (genius or c***?), there was even a conversation or two about the General Election. Read more


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With a boom of celestial proportions, the much-vaunted Space, fronted by the redoubtable Sam Neill, began on Sunday evening. Read more

Big Brother

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One of the best things about Big Brother is that the series is constantly developing throughout the run. The programme at the moment is perhaps unrecognisable to the programme at the end of May; the days of Penny and Stuart now seem so long ago, at times it’s as if they were in the last series. Read more

Big Brother’s Little Brother

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The enduring pleasure of Big Brother’s Little Brother is the belligerently unsubtle way in which each evictee has been thrust onto our screens for five days, Sunday through to Thursday, thus reducing the compelling urge that most of them appear to suffer from – that a high profile media career awaits. Read more

Big Brother

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In its final stages now Big Brother is reaching the point where, for me, it became most interesting last time round. Less people means more time for the remaining participants. More evictions mean a higher awareness amongst the housemates of both the impending end of the show and of their own mortality within it. Read more

This Morning

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After 13 years on daytime television there wasn’t a black armband in sight. It didn’t feel right Richard and Judy taking their leave on a Thursday. It hasn’t felt right them skiving off each Friday, Chris Evans-style, for a long time. Read more


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The telephone always rings in the foyer of the Crossroads Motel, er, Hotel, but as usual there are never any guests to be seen. “I took a phone message about your conference facilities!” barks a crumpled senior manager, eyes like daggers at a winsome junior trainee. There’s a moment’s pause to let the full impact of this horrific revelation sink in. Read more

World of Pub

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Barry, Gary and Phil are sitting around in their quiet and empty pub, The Quiet and Empty. They bemoan the lack of custom and how the East End is in decline. “This town,” says Gary, “it’s coming like a ghost town.” Read more

Big Brother

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Whilst Big Brother is running the risk of passing off with no real incident (certainly there has been nothing this year to match the “Nasty Nick” confrontation, nor the rampant shagging that seems to take place in most other country’s versions of the show), praise be for the E4 spin-off Big Brother’s Little Brother. Read more