That’ll Teach ‘em

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That’ll Teach ‘em has a one-sentence pitch – make a class of today’s 16-year-olds experience a month of a 1950s O Level education – that belies its huge scope and its capacity for entertainment. Read more


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Standing head and shoulders above its contemporaries, Emmerdale continues to forge a lonely path as it manages to stand alone as the sole soap to juggle quality acting, quality dialogue, identifiable realism and good old fashioned entertainment without diluting the product or insulting its viewers. Read more


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There can’t have been such a large number of people outside the Hawley Crescent studios since the union picket line was set up during the 1987 TV-am strike. “Monday to Thursday, TRL is live on your screens!” Read more

Fame Academy

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If you adhere to the philosophy that the universe is infinite and, ergo, full of infinite possibilities then you must, by default, be of the opinion that somewhere out there is a world in which Patrick Kielty is actually entertaining, humorous and a good presenter. Read more


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As far as the extras who stood by knew, the President would collapse, then recover, get back in the car and drive off. So they would have been somewhat surprised when they watched the actual episode on television as Palmer lay on the ground gasping for breath, his heartbeat ticking out the final moments of this season of 24. Read more

Fame Academy

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There’s something odd about television this summer. A few years back, your normal evening’s viewing in mid-August would consist of back-to-back repeats, mostly from the previous Christmas, with the odd new programme that seemed to be too bad to show at any other time of the year. Read more

The Terry and Gaby Show

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Right from its very first edition, the best thing about The Terry and Gaby Show has been the opening titles. Read more