“I’m in charge”

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Last night, it was off to Television Centre, courtesy of a Beeb PR, who’d very kindly sorted me out a couple of tickets to see a recording of Strictly Come Dancing. Read more

Dragons done

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Having summarily dismissed all property shows from my viewing schedule last year, I am fearful that I’m now growing tired of Dragons’ Den. It’s not just that during this week’s episode I was able to correctly predict when Evan’s “In a bizarre twist” voice-over was about to commence, but I found it difficult to get at all interested in any of the pitches. Each one seemed to go on too long, and the concepts the visitors to the Den were proposing just weren’t very inventive. In fact, by half way through I’d started reading the latest issue of Radio Times instead. Read more

The Jubilee line

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Five years ago, Channel 4 was so miserable the only mention of its 20th anniversary came from Richard Whiteley on Countdown. Happily – presumably to cheer themselves up after a rather grim year – they’re making much more effort in celebrating their silver jubilee, with More4 screening archive shows every night in October. For my money, the most intriguing so far was Friday’s repeat of The Tube. Read more

30 Rock

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Sometimes you don’t want to work hard to enjoy television. Sometimes all you want is for the programme you’re about to watch to not leave you in any way exhausted, be it through frustration, tension or sheer exuberance. Sometimes all you need is television that leaves you exactly as it found you. Read more

Three’s continuity – slight return

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Back in January, I suggested that BBC3 had the worst continuity announcers on telly, especially the hopeless Keiron Elliott. Almost a year on, he’s still at it, and it looks like Family Guy is continuing to bring out the worst in him. Read more

“Dreams of silver screen quotations”

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One of five’s new imports, the David Duchovny starring Californication which begins on Thursday in a double bill with 30 Rock has attracted some average reviews. It’s rather popular in Australia, although the reaction from some sections of the viewing audience has been interesting. They’re calling it smut basically: Read more

Robin Hood

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“We are the spirit of England,” cried the cleanest set of teeth the wrong side of the Renaissance, “and that is this country’s only hope.” Read more

Who will be the next… Dyke-oon?

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If OTT ever created a show, it would be this one. Well, this one in principle.  Read more