From Gladiators to Beadle

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A couple of days spent at TV show recordings, courtesy of the relevant press offices. Read more


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Rather incredibly, Sky One have announced they’re bringing back Blake’s 7. Andrew Sewell’s involved! It’s bound to be a hit!

A big hand for Gladiators

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And, lo, in Hoxton did Sky One reveal their new pneumatic line-up of Gladiators, as the show readies for its return to British telly.  Read more

C4 and against

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Andy Favell from C4′s The TV Show has been back on the blog phone, this time with a list. “Of all the programmes that make people get in touch with C4,” he says, “these were most loved/unloved in March.” Read more

Up, Pompeii

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There was Martha. There was Sarah Jane. There was Captain Jack. There was Mickey. There was Rose. There was Harriet. There was even Davros… Well, nearly. He was shrouded in darkness, but from the silhouette we knew. Read more