I Love 1998

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Do you remember I Love 1998? It wasn’t that long ago, but don’t worry if you’ve forgotten stuff because part of the fun is half-remembering something, then humorously recalling what really happened while wondering what you could’ve been “on” to generate such side-splitting amnesia. Read more

Band of Brothers

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BBC2′s ratings buster remains the highlight of Friday nights. Band of Brothers sits sheepishly on a channel that dares to schedule gardening tips and second-rate comedy repeats either side of it, yet rises above everything else flung out on television at the end of the week. Read more


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While Pop Idol and Soapstars have been taking up many column inches and hours of television, another reality TV show – just as entertaining, if not more so, than those two – has been quietly charming its audience tucked away as part of CBBC. Those who stumbled across DIY TV, though, will have found a superb, quirky and consistently amusing series. Read more

I Love 1997

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A few hours before watching I Love 1997, I went on Friends Reunited and sent an e-mail to a mate from college I hadn’t seen since, yes, 1997. As I was writing the e-mail, it struck me how much has changed which I wanted to tell him about – since I last saw him I’d been to university, made a bunch of new friends, started full time work and had at least three different haircuts. Read more

I Love 1996

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1996 was a fantastic year for me. I was in the first year of the Sixth Form, enjoying the new-found freedom of free lessons, going to the “biggest fee-paying concert in Britain”, laughing with my friends about the Brit Awards incident between Michael Jackson and Jarvis Cocker, falling in love with wonderful bands like Kenickie, watching Animaniacs, and listening to Radio 1 religiously between the hours of 7pm-12am. Read more