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We’re more than halfway through the latest series of Gavin and Stacey and so far, hardly anything has actually, you know, happened. But that’s all to the good, because I reckon this is the funniest, most warm-hearted sitcom on telly for ages. Read more

Lost in the Ashes of Torchwood

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The general mood surrounding telefantasy fans has been a little down of late. Read more

Show and tell

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Andy Favell, the Web Editor for Channel 4′s The TV Show has been on the OTT blog phone. Here’s what he said… Read more

For the love of Ada

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I spent most of Good Friday morning sat on a train that firstly didn’t move for ages, and then followed a route seemingly planned by throwing darts at a map of Britain, but it wasn’t so bad, as it meant I got to read most of We Don’t Know What We’re Doing, the quirky, good-humoured and thoughtful book on what it’s like to be a football fan, written by the quirky, good-humoured and thoughtful Adrian Chiles. Read more

Fleetwood Mac said to be “quite pleased, actually”

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Formula 1 is moving back to the BBC, although it seems nobody has managed to uncover why ITV are dropping it midway through their contract or, indeed, F1 are dropping ITV. The timing is a bit odd, given that Britain has, in Lewis Hamilton, a driver capable of winning the world title for the first time in a decade. Read more

“I’ll give you $10 for a verbal response”

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What’s happened to Curb Your Enthusiasm on More4? Read more

Velly poor taste?

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Adrian Edmondson’s upcoming, and much postponed, ITV1 sitcom, Teenage Kicks (currently due to air Friday March 28 – but that could all change) is an old school, broad-brush effort. And, here’s a thing, it features a Chinese, Star Wars-loving nerd called David (Jonathan Chan-Pensley). There’s a bit where one of the Caucasian characters takes the piss out of his accent, and gives it the full-on Charlie Chan. Is that okay, now?

“No consumer advice is available for this work…”

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If you want even more proof of ITV1′s confidence in their heavily trailed new series, the BBFC have just passed a documentary for the DVDThe Fixer: The Making of a Hit Series.

Corrie court out?

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So, is Casey the Mad Arsonist, Abductor and Adulterer ever going to be put on trial on Coronation Street? Read more

Rags to riches

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The Curse of Steptoe is the first in BBC4′s The Curse of Comedy season. And I’ve just finished watching it on preview disc. It’s wonderful – Jason Isaacs (Harry H Corbett) and Phil Davis (Wilfrid Brambell) nail their roles. There’s a moment early on when the two actors are in a read-through for the pilot episode. Corbett is working “off book” and giving it the full-on “you dirty old man” accent. Brambell is still reading from the script, and uncomfortable at the prospect of turning on his “‘Arold!” performance. But then Corbett gets in his face so much, it’s as though he can’t help it. Suddenly he switches on the sneer, and Phil Davis is old man Steptoe. It’s great. Read more