Doctor Who

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The BBC’s latest scattershot repeat run of Doctor Who stories came to an end with part six of “Genesis of the Daleks”. A menacing close-up of a Dalek warning us straight to camera that this was “only the beginning” was followed by the Doctor and companions freefalling through outer space and off our terrestrial TV screens – again. Read more

Friends Like These

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Early Saturday evening television is not really territory with which I have been overly familiar of recent years, not since the demise of the classic paring of Gladiators followed by Blind Date. Read more

The League of Gentlemen

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Last episodes in comedy serial are often grand affairs. Read more

Queer as Folk 2

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Up until that first commercial break Queer as Folk 2 felt as though it was going to deliver (in an agreeable enough way) more of the same. Stuart fucking/”fuck off”ing, Vince worthy and charming but a bit useless, Nathan enthusiastic yet on the periphery and Alexander unconcerned, uninterested and luminescent. The previous series ended with Vince and Stuart in celebration of their unchanging, tiny world; however after 15 minutes of the usual banter and soap-operatics something was different aboutQAF2. That world was no longer enough. Read more

Nature Boy

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Radio Times has been a poor barometer for quality drama recently, often times appearing more like the BBC’s barrow boy (pushing shonky goods such asGormenghast and po-facedly reprimanding the competition’s Queer as Folk 2). So it is doubly satisfying to chance upon a piece of drama that is pushed by the BBC’s propaganda machine. Read more

EastEnders: The Family Album

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Scurrying along in the wake of Monty Python‘s 30th, Not the Nine O’clock News (and Newsnight‘s 20th and The Simpsons‘ 10th), comes the flags-and-bunting jamboree that is EastEnders‘ 15th birthday; a bizarre anniversary to mark in itself, and one that compounds the impression of television retrospective celebrations coming round on an almost weekly basis. Read more

The Day Britain Died

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As I may have said elsewhere, these are auspicious times. Read more