Life Force

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Children’s drama is reborn. Read more

Newsnight at 20

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Being only a few years older than Newsnight myself, it’s one of those programmes that seems to me to have always been there – always worth tuning in for, if only to check who’s refused to turn up. Now it has reached its 20th birthday and won an in-house, affectionate 45 minute tribute buried in the early evening schedules against Jim Davidson and Cilla. Read more

White Tribe

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These are auspicious times, for sure. Read more

Castaway 2000

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Castaway 2000 is a grandiose scheme from the avuncular BBC wherein 30 people are shipped to an abandoned island off the north of Scotland and left for a year to forge a life for themselves and – more importantly – a community. Billed as a social experiment it is, of course, far too early to mark the programme against this objective. What we can be sure of is Castaway 2000 is great fun. Read more

Trigger Happy TV

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It’s half past nine on a Friday night, and there’s half an hour till the new series of The League of Gentlemen starts on BBC2. What to do? Watch re-runs of Never Mind The Buzzcocks? Do this dishes? Empty the cat litter tray? Read more

That Peter Kay Thing

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The big concern with Peter Kay is whether or not he is just the male equivalent of Victoria Wood. Read more

Blue Peter

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“Hello there!…” Read more


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It is customary at this time of year to reflect on what has come before. Please don’t expect OTT to be any different. Read more