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Strange is certainly an odd beast. I liked the pilot episode. Or at least I think that I liked the pilot episode… No, I did, I liked the pilot episode. Parts of it anyway. Read more


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There are occasions when a sporting event transcends the mere confines of the playing surface within which it is occurring, when it takes on a life of its own and becomes something else entirely. Read more

Cambridge Spies

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Does it matter if a drama purporting to tell a true story becomes nothing more than the writer’s romantic supposition of what really happened? Not to the BBC, it would seem, on the basis of their four-part series Cambridge Spies. Read more

The Sitcom Story

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A few years ago you couldn’t pick up a paper without someone announcing that the TV sitcom was dead, and that there hadn’t been a decent one for years. Read more

State of Play

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The BBC announcer advised that State of Play would contain “strong language and a violent opening,” and to prove the point a petty thief is shot in the head in the opening few seconds, whilst a small child looks on. The assassin then goes at it to gun down a motorcyclist who witnessed the incident. Read more

The Day Britain Stopped

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It was just one small, almost insignificant event. But it began a chain reaction that would cause a tenuous, intricate system, permanently balanced on a knife-edge, to collapse with tremendous speed. Read more

Vote 2003

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Rarely had David Dimbleby been faced by so much commotion during the first 15 minutes of a local election results programme. Seconds before coming on air, the out-of-the-hat resignation of Tory Trade Spokesman Crispin Blunt had handed him his very own breaking story. Read more