Look Around You

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Tucked away in the BBC2 schedules in a 10-minute slot back in 2002, Look Around You was considered by many to be a little gem of a show from writer-producers Peter Serafinowicz and Robert Popper. Read more

Today with Des and Mel

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There is something of a guilty pleasure to be found in watching Today With Des and Mel for the casual viewer. Read more

Auschwitz – The Nazis and the “Final Solution”

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What sort of incidental music could possibly seem appropriate for a montage of concentration camp victims, all of pre-teen age? An obvious answer would be none at all. Such images do their own talking. Read more

The Power of Nightmares

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For all the recurring bursts of sniping about the amount of old stuff on TV, it’s still rare to find a channel repeating an entire series a mere couple of months since it was first broadcast. Read more


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Watchdog – certainly for the last five or so years – has been a programme characterised by nit-picking, fussy idiots who’ve been a) happy to throw their cash into a gaping maw under the vague misapprehension it’s going to accumulate somehow, b) failed to read anything properly – ever, and c) keen on obsessing over the trivial, insubstantial wrinkles in life. Read more

Abroad Again in Britain

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The return of Jonathan Meades to BBC2 was heralded by a din of non-publicity. We’ve been here before. Read more

Celebrity Big Brother

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Celebrity is a strangely-shaped biscuit whichever way you dunk it. I have found myself cringing at the screen twice lately, once in horror and once in delight, and both times guiltily. Read more

World Darts

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Nothing divides folk quite like sport. While everyone has their favourite and their least favourite, it’s always been the humane thing to “never criticise another person’s sport.” Read more

Dick and Dom in da Bungalow

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Is it too soon to nominate the best TV programme of 2005? Read more


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A hefty dose of press coverage levelling the charge that British television had slumped into crisis saw out 2004, with frenzied headlines, thick black borders and doom-laden think pieces a-plenty. But had things really become that bad? Had we been wrong to enjoy most of what we watched on telly the past 12 months? Read more