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The Radio Times bills CD:UK, ITV1′s Saturday morning music show, thus: “Up-and-coming stars mingle with established names as the musicians of the moment perform live in the studio.” Read more

Rule the School

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Fraser, striking as casual a manner as a woollen hat-sporting teenager can muster, eyed the throng of shifty-looking adults towering a few feet in front of him. “I think I’m pretty laid back,” he challenged, “so if you all play the game, we should have a good time.” Read more

Island at War

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Due to its beneficial tax breaks for filmmakers, the Isle of Man is being seen more and more on our screens of late. Island at War is the latest big-budget drama series to take advantage of the financial benefits offered by this location. Read more

Who Killed Saturday Night TV?

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The generous yet increasingly-mocked surfeit of clip-based TV shows to which we’ve been treated over the last few years is no more a sign of bankruptcy in commissioning editors’ imagination than to ascribe the increasing number of Newsround bulletins on the CBBC channel or gardening spin-offs on BBC2 to laziness on the part of scheduling executives. Read more

50 Years of BBC TV News

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The main purpose of television news is that of a window on the world, plain and simple – pointing a camera at what’s actually happening. Read more

55 Degrees North

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Comparisons with Spender are perhaps inevitable for 55 Degrees North, with both series featuring detectives who have moved north following problems with their jobs in London and finding themselves working under a surly new boss and alongside indifferent colleagues. Read more

When Hitler Invaded Britain

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23 years after he hung up Kessler’s jackboots for good, the magnificent Clifford Rose returned to the role of a German World War II officer in this odd contribution to the current vogue for all things war from ITV1. Read more