Trouble at the Big Top

Tuesday, December 26, 2000 by · Comments Off 

That the Millennium Dome turned out to be arguably the most controversial construction project in the nation’s history is hardly surprising. The warning signs were there in the pre-construction phase and, from inception onwards, this has been one of the longest running and compellingly watchable tragi-comedy shows of the ’90s. Read more

Big Brother Night

Saturday, December 23, 2000 by · Comments Off 

“It’s only a game show” chanted the Bow house contestants as the nine weeks rolled by. Yet in terms of its sheer scale, ambition and seeming ubiquity, Big Brother was the television (and internet) phenomenon of 2000. Read more

Chewin’ the Fat

Wednesday, December 20, 2000 by · Comments Off 

With the final episode of Chewin’ the Fat, it is perhaps appropriate to look in again on this third series and dwell on whether it has been a success overall, or if it has failed to deliver the goods. Read more

Hollyoaks: The Movie

Monday, December 11, 2000 by · Comments Off 

As an occasional viewer I don’t really follow Chester’s beautiful people too closely, yet as other writers here have noted it has had its moments of superb drama. So what of tonight’s after-hours episode? Read more

Hollyoaks: The Movie

Monday, December 11, 2000 by · Comments Off 

Sending a soap opera abroad usually portends either a dramatic dénouement to a ridiculously long-running story-line, or the beginning of a sudden, new, unexpected plot which just happens to come about thanks to the exotic balmy location (see EastEnders‘ various European vacations). However this special 90-minute edition of Hollyoaks was different. Read more

The X Files

Wednesday, December 6, 2000 by · Comments Off 

Well we finally got that episode of The X Files almost a year after its original transmission in the States and the predictable question is, was it worth it? Read more

The State Opening of Parliament

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At primary school there were only two occasions when our normal lessons were abandoned for some unexpected viewing time in front of the Big Telly On The Trolley. One was the raising of the Mary Rose, an event that was deemed so significant that timetables across the country were abandoned for a shared national TV moment; the other was the State Opening of Parliament. Read more