Making the Grade

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Once I would have been appalled at the idea of scrapping ITV, but not anymore. Read more

Geoffrey Perkins, RIP

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Geoffrey Perkins (centre) with Simon Jones and Geoffrey McGivern in 2005

Geoffrey Perkins (centre) with Simon Jones and Geoffrey McGivern in 2005

A car accident has robbed British television of one of its most ubiquitous masterminds of comedy. Read more

MasterChef: The Professionals

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“They’ve got to really kick it up a gear!” Read more

Apparatus, method and conclusion

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When Chris Addison and Armando Iannucci were enjoying huge critical acclaim with The Thick Of It, you may not have thought their next move would be to remake The Goodies – but that’s what they’re doing with Lab Rats, which Addison is starring in and writing (with Carl Cooper) and Iannucci is overseeing as Executive Producer. Read more

Spooks: Code 9

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The announcement of Spooks: Code 9 was greeted with the kind of collective internet sigh last heard through every episode of ’90s flop Attachments.  The trailers looked like something someone might have knocked up for YouTube using clips from that failure to tap into the web zeitgeist, the main complaint being that this spin-off (then called Threat Level) made a nonsense of the parent programme because it showed everyone in London being wiped out, making the actions of the more familiar characters entirely pointless.

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