“Fuelled up and powered on by Subway!”

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NBC enjoyed – well – something like four hours of power this Sunday, courtesy of two TV revivals which have been doing fantastic business. And I’ve been watching both. Read more

“My wife left me”… again

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A mail from Craig Robins, who was the one-man band behind the release of Steven Moffat’s sitcom Joking Apart. And it’s good news… Read more

Cheryl weedy

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I mentioned ages ago how, while I still think Curb Your Enthusiasm is extremely funny, I can’t always enjoy it as much as I’d like because I get frustrated by the supporting characters behaving in totally illogical and unreasonable ways. I know the whole concept of the series is that we’re supposed to laugh at Larry’s ineptitude, but he’d such an appealing character that you often can’t help but root for him and take his side in arguments. Read more

Fresh fields for Marple!

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Fun news from ITV… Read more

Swales must go now

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As of this week, ITV4 are broadcasting 24 hours a day, and one of the programmes in the new afternoon schedules every Thursday is something called The Big Match Revisited. As a football anorak, this did of course sound very tempting, although I assumed we’d have to suffer some smart-arse narration from Ned Boulting or someone about bubble perms. Read more

Cooking doesn’t get tougher than this!

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Inevitably, I’m obsessed with Masterchef. So, I was excited to get details of how the final week is going to stack up. Read on (and worry not, there are no spoilers regarding who gets through)… Read more

“Hello. I’m bulge temptingly!”

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I’m enjoying the repeats of Whose Line is it Anyway? on Dave, although there has been some quite brutal editing done for watershed purposes; the type which Canadian and American audiences used to suffer even in more appropriate later slots when the episodes were first aired. This was not what Hat Trick nor Channel 4 intended…

Read more

School’s out forever

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It won’t surprise many to read that two days shy of its 30th birthday Grange Hill has been axed. Increasingly out of place on BBC1 – in fact, the last series didn’t even graduate from the CBBC channel to terrestrial – it’s perhaps a mercy killing, what with the revamped “The Grange” media centre-led series currently in production at Lime Pictures, awkwardly shoe-horning primary school kids into the format. Read more