Still Game

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It seems a little odd for BBC2 to follow Britain’s Greatest Sitcom with two brand new series of that same genre, suggesting perhaps that these new shows will be deemed worthy of joining such illustrious company in years to come. Read more

Didn’t They Do Well?

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It’s 7pm on a weeknight, you want to wind down in front of the TV, but you find that once again you’re faced with a familiarly nondescript choice of viewing. Read more


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Upon hearing of the premise behind this BBC Scotland-produced comedy show it did seem as though somebody in the programme-planning department might have been having a joke with a colleague. Read more

Ministry of Mayhem

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Even those who weren’t alive at the time know about the battle between Swap Shop and Tiswas on Saturday mornings past. Read more

Serious Desert

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Children’s BBC have kicked off 2004 with just as much flair as they did 2003, courtesy of a much welcome and suitably good-natured post-Christmas treat. Read more


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On 21 April 2003, 16.7 million people tuned in to watch the makers of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire spend a couple of hours of primetime television outlining their role in one of the most notorious instances of rigging a quiz show in recent memory. Read more