My Wrongs #8425 – 8249 & 117

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Outside represents Channel 4′s umpteenth attempt to create a late night “strand” devoted to cerebral, provocative or simply non-mainstream programming. Read more

Big Brother

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When Graham Norton turned up at the final night of BB3 last year to give the pro-Jade camp a further fill-up, he told Davina McCall: “The public have played a very good game this year, because they’ve kept the interesting ones in.” And he was absolutely right. Read more

Rule the School

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It’s a tribute to the remarkable scope and ambition of the BBC’s children’s output at present that nowhere else would you find, at any time of the year let alone the height of summer, a new seven week series that allows pupils to swap places with teachers then expects them to implement their own curriculum – coursework assessments and all. Read more

Big Brother

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Information has become the true currency in the Big Brother house. Whoever has the most information wields the most power, and with that power the ability to control the outcome. It’s ironic then that within the house the most powerful voice isn’t actually going to be allowed to win. Read more

The Way We Travelled

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Alan Whicker is endeavouring to conduct an interview with a finely preened continental heiress, sitting almost in her lap while the pair roar across a lake in a luxury vessel. Read more

Big Brother

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Jon Tickle is scrubbing the floor of the kitchen in the Big Brother house. Anyone who had been away on holiday for a few weeks and tuned in could have assumed that a technical fault had led to E4 showing footage from an earlier week. Read more

Inside the Mind of Paul Gascoine

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Following in the footsteps of Rod Hull and Bernard Manning, this little documentary strand has proven to be a worthwhile exercise for the casual viewer. Read more

Dead Ringers

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Somehow, this show still seems to work best on the radio… Read more

Big Brother

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They’re rather enjoying their innovations at Big Brother headquarters this year. Lots of chins have been stroked and as a result, lots of viewers (not to mention a handful of housemates) have been left a touch confused. Read more