Big Brother

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How many Big Brother housemates need not have bothered this week? Quite a few. Individuals were on their toes but barriers were starting to break down. Read more

I don’t want my ITV

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Oh, for goodness’ sake, what are they doing at ITV1? It seems that everyone is so concerned about the financial side that they’ve just plain forgotten that they’re supposed to be running a television channel – if the current schedules are anything to go by. Read more

Big Brother

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Well, thanks to a loose wire or somesuch other technical indiscretion, Lisa and her mouth the size of a bus park very nearly didn’t get their marching orders. Read more

Calm, calm

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Alan Bleasdale showed up on Radio 4′s Front Row the other night to plug the DVD release of his trio of Channel 4 dramas, GBHJake’s Progress and Melissa. Fortunately the man was in the mood for being reasonably talkative. Unfortunately the man asking him the questions was Mark Lawson, who as usual conspired to avoid asking anything of consequence and instead sought to use the time to unearth desperately uninteresting and hopelessly tangential “themes” and “ideas”. Read more

Top of the Pops pops off

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It has just been announced on the radio that Top of the Pops has finally been axed by the BBC. Read more


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It’s good to see Steve Coogan back starring in a BBC2 sitcom. His intermittent forays into Hollywood have hardly propelled him into the A-list of stardom (Around the World in 80 Days anybody?) Read more

Big Brother

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The last seven intriguing and frustrating days in the Big Brother house have been about two girls. And, in their collective paranoia and vindictiveness, they really were girls. Read more

Stuffing! Apricot! Pine nuts!

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So the preview disc of episode one of The F Word‘s second series has arrived. Read more

Return to Taransay

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How interesting. The Guardian’s reporting the Beeb are speaking to Lion Television about producing another series of Castaway. Read more

Big Brother

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If I’d found a golden ticket in a Kit-Kat, there’s no way in 1000 years I’d have contemplated entering the Big Brother house. Read more

Pundit wars

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The World Cup is upon us once again and there are bags of matches lined up for the dedicated fan to watch. But which side, BBC or ITV, is going to win the battle of the pundits? Read more

…And boil for another four years

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On Tuesday May 30, Gordon Ramsay held court over breakfast at The Connaught Hotel. Betwixt the world’s tiniest muffins and the lukewarm tea, he answered questions from the press regarding his TV future. As ITV were perched to woo him into an exclusive contract, he said… Read more

A big “how’re you doing?”

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There’s a comment on OTT’s Growing Up With The Telly feature about Peter Purves’ departure from Blue Peter being, “as though your parents were suddenly getting divorced”. It’s a perceptive point, because editor Biddy Baxter always said that BP should be “a rock” in its viewers’ lives, always there no matter what was going on elsewhere. That’s why the departure of Matt Baker is so notable. Read more

Wot no OTT?

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There have been a couple of emails about the non-appearance of a new edition of OTT for June (the first time that’s happened during the site’s nigh on seven-year run). My favourite is from Ricky Young who says: Read more

Big Brother

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The main problem with watching Big Brother is that it makes you examine your own conscience. Let’s face it, just about every BB fan will not be wholly thrilled at what they may see. Read more