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It’s been a bad few weeks for the Popworld brand – first its spin-off magazine closes down after two issues, and now the series itself is being axed. Read more

Frozen indigo angel

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Here’s what appears to be a viral campaign-within-a viral campaign, and to reproduce any is really to allow myself to be duped but – hey! – I met Paul Denchfield over 10 years ago when he was working for Hewland International on Sky One’sGames World, and then wrote about his onscreen involvement in C4′s fantastic Wanted. Somehow, I feel compelled. Read more

Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry and Paul

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Do you remember the future? I do. The future was called Harry Enfield, and his stock-in-trade was remembering the past. Read more

Hospital corners

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And so, it was to London’s apt The Hospital nightspot for a press launch of the complete Cardiac Arrest on DVD (it’s in the shops on Monday). An unusual affair indeed. The show – for all its brilliance – hardly has a huge profile, but it seems the cast themselves were clamouring to give it a big old push. Read more

Hyde 2612 – no return

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Well 2612 was just a room number and not “too sick, want to” as I thought for about 10 minutes during last night’s final installment of Life On Mars. Hopefully I have an OTT Review forthcoming, but in the meantime scratching round the Internet today I have been surprised to see there is no real consensus on actually what happened in the end. Read more

Life on Mars

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With Life on Mars falling off our screens for good, I suppose we’ll never find out why a comatose Sam bothered imagining a grain of sand on Annie’s hand. Read more

Jackie: A Girl’s Best Friend

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Dear Cathy and Claire, this is not an easy letter to write. I fancy this programme on TV and so want to write about it. Please help!!!! Yours, a confused boy. Read more

Election ’92

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Fame may deal an inconsistently fleeting hand to practitioners of TV and politics, but when both worlds collide you see stardom at its most ephemeral. Read more

Doctor Who

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“Where are we?” exclaims Martha, near the opening of episode two as she steps from the Tardis into the midden of a Tudor street. “I mean … when are we?” Read more

Regeneration game

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UKTV Gold changes its onscreen idents tomorrow. Still the same logo, but now it’s appearing on a load of space-hoppers to play up the channel’s retro programming policy. Although, far be it from me to grumble about the network binning off its truly interesting archive programme in the early ’90s for back-to-back Only Fools. Read more

The Sky at Night

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Remember comedy as the new rock’n'roll? Well, maybe it’s now the new new rock’n'roll. Ricky Gervais is selling out the Albert Hall and Hammersmith Odeon (not the Hammersmith Apollo, please). Read more

Louis Theroux: The Most Hated Family in America

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There’s perhaps been a feeling of late that Louis Theroux has just been treading the same old water for some time with his documentaries on the weirdness of the world. Read more