Ten Days to D-Day

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Given that Radio Times appears to have thrown its lot in with the swelling ranks of media commentators and topical quiz show panelists taking pops about the amount of television obsessed with World War II, we’re approaching another one of those cultural tipping points where the recurring throwaway observation becomes the ubiquitous punchline to never-funny jokes. Read more


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“I’ve been here long enough to know that it’s best not to say anything,” remarks one character during the course of Jed Mercurio’s new medical series Bodies. Read more

Jeremy Vine Meets…

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“I’ve seen you 13 times in concert,” Jeremy Vine boomed to his guest by way of an introduction, “I should warn you – I don’t know if I need counselling!!!” Read more

Still Game

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Choo! Choo! All aboard the Craiglang Express! Rockets, nuggets and bawbags step right up for another magical mystery tour penetrating deep into the heartland’s (and the badlands) of the modern, everyday working-class pensioner. Read more

The Simpsons

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It was an ending, and that was enough. Read more