I Love 1989

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Nothing really special happened in 1989 until after it finished. Read more

Celebrity Big Brother

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At the end of the summer last year, as we considered the preceding 10 weeks of Big Brother, suddenly the high times seemed all too distant and we began to wonder just what it was we’d been buying into. Read more

I Love 1988

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Alright, let’s start with that assumption. Do I love 1988? Read more

Comic Relief Night

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We had to wait just 45 minutes for Lenny Henry to start screeching. Read more

The Men Who Changed Football

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I had to tape part one of The Men who Changed Football, because Manchester United were playing in the Champions League on ONdigital that night. It wasn’t easy finding time to watch it the next day either, because Arsenal were on ITV, Leeds were on ITV2 and there was a big Nationwide League game on Sky. Three matches in one night? It’s hard to imagine there was ever a time when there were just three live matches on television a season. Read more

I Love 1987

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I’m just rummaging round the back of the fridge for a lager. There we go. Getting ready for I Love 1987.

Read more

I Love 1986

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1986 was the year when my family finally decided to buy a video recorder. My dad suggested to my mum that she could record the recipes off Pages from Ceefax and have herself a kind televisual recipe reference cassette. My mum suggested that a better option might be to simply purchase a cookery book. Not long after my parents separated. Read more


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Hear’say are hard at work in the studio, penning their first song. “Pop music is full of these,” cracks Noel, gesturing towards a book of lyrical clichés. So’s British telly, of course, but Popstars has become the one of the most original shows on TV. Read more