The doctor is in

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Two years ago, I blogged about ITV1 dropping a repeat run of Afterlife after one episode, and quoted Broadcast‘s William Phillips – one of the most perceptive writers about television there’s ever been – to say that drama repeats don’t work. Read more

All that glitters…

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In the early days of satellite telly, when there was no way I could get my parents to agree to the expense and hassle of buying a dish, I used to longingly look at the UK Gold schedules in Radio Times, marvelling at the brilliantly obscure programmes that I longed to see. Read more

“You lost me at carrots, which was the first draft of ‘You had me at hello’”

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As the Big Brother season once again holds us in its grip (is this the worst crop of contestants we’ve ever had?) I thought I’d note two things. Read more

Questions about Corrie

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1 – If Jerry’s had a heart attack, why hasn’t the absent eldest daughter come back to see how he is? And what the hell happened to that grandad? Read more

“Just say sorry”

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Crikey, almost a month since the last OTT blog entry? Well, allow me. I’ve just watched the Sky Sports exclusive interview with Sir Alex Ferguson, as conducted (and executively produced) by Sir David Frost. Read more